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Knowledge Management



Knowledge is the bottom line that drives each enterprise. Whether it is the product knowledge, customer knowledge, knowledge of the market or the knowledge of the whole enterprise; corporate knowledge drives the enterprise. This knowledge is invariably scattered across the whole organization. It is available on different servers, on different desktops, in physical files and most of all in the minds of the employees. Collating this entire knowledge and putting it in to an understandable form and making it easily accessible to all can bring about enormous benefits to a company. It is the endeavor of GCS to provide strategy for creation and implementation of the Knowledge Management System for the organization and identify tools and techniques to organize the organizational knowledge for the benefit of the enterprises.

GCS can undertake the following activities as part of the KM services for the organizations:

  • Study of the organization to identify the knowledge requirements.

  • Create a knowledge management strategy

  • Mapping of the knowledge requirements to the KM packages, tools and techniques in the market

  • Design and develop taxonomy for the knowledge management system

  • Create KM specifications for the organization

  • Undertake Bid Process Management for selection of the KM implementation partner

  • Undertake Program Management and Project Management for the KM project

  • Undertake review and audit of the KM system

Knowledge Management Processes



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